The Journal of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives represents the collected research and applied work of the global audiovisual archives community. Also known as the IASA Journal, it is published in issues bi-annually and available to all members of the IASA community. The IASA Journal uses a double-blind peer-review methodology (the authors do not know who reviews their papers, and reviewers do not know who wrote the papers they are reviewing).

The IASA Journal is constantly looking for material to publish. Please submit articles, research output, or reviews you consider of interest to IASA via the "Make a Submission" button on the right of this page. 


Previous issues, older than 2 years, can be found on the IASA website as PDFs for download.

IASA Journal issues from no. 32 and later are published in both hard copy form and electronically.

Hard copy editions are supplied to all IASA Members, IASA Supporters and IASA Subscribers (unless they opt out of receiving print copies in favour of an electronic version - and the environment!): subscription details.